The Estate Settlers

About Us

Tina Segal (President) is an award winning jewelry designer. She has collected fine art and antiques since her teens. She is frequently quoted in numerous trade and consumer Publications.
Tina and  Allan Dessner started The Estate Settlers in 2011 The Estate Settlers does Senior Move Management as well as selling off all unneeded assets. They work closely with the family to help make the transition as easy as possible. Consistently returning high dollars amounts from the sale of, art, antiques, jewelry, sterling silver and coin collections, via auctions, private sales and substantial eBay presence.

What’s it all about

In these trying times of emotional distress, we tend to focus our energies on the financial side of the estate. There is so much more to concentrate on, the physical assets, such as jewelry, the house, furniture, cars. Also a myriad of other things such as clean up, moving, etc., We can assist you in these areas and make the job of executor that much easier.

We can sell these assets for you or help you in devising the plans to do so yourself. The choices are many and we are here to assist you in making the best possible choices.

Real Estate

The Estate Settlers go a long way in helping in this area. There are no short cuts. What is needed is an understanding of your needs in selling property, sometimes in a location that you know little about. Needs are different and therefore so is the approach to the selling. We go beyond a simple referral. We often recommend Senior Retail Estate Specialist (SRES), which is a designation from the National Realtors Association. We understand your needs and understand that you have a lot of things to deal with. You don’t need the emotional turmoil of all that is involved, such as the cleaning, minor repairs, security, maintenance, etc in dealing with the property.

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