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Help Loved Ones Downsize with Estate Settlers


For seniors moving into any assisted living situation, downsizing can be daunting. They’re getting rid of many things they’ve gotten used to living with. They could be moving in with loved ones or a care facility. Either way, it’s time to get rid of the things that would just go in storage. Sometimes, senior family members can assist in the process. In other cases, it will be up to friends and family to get everything tied up.

You can throw away or donate some items. Others, you might want to refinish or fix and sell. You can use the funds to pay for living and other expenses. It can be overwhelming to get rid of a lifetime of belongings, leaving behind so many of the things they love. Sometimes, the toughest conversation happens when deciding if they need to go to another home in the first place.

In this emotional time, estate settlement services can provide an objective eye. Instead of trying to do it on your own, you can work with professionals who know what to throw away and what to sell. They have attorneys, accountants, and other professionals.

 Focus on Your Loved Ones, Not the Paperwork

Helping a senior family member to downsize their belongings can be exhausting. You still need to take care of their everyday needs while downsizing different belongings. All this can be overwhelming for one family. So let the professionals take part of it off your hands

You can focus on moving your parent, aunt, uncle, etc. into their new home. Then you can get them settled and work out the details. Maybe they need certain things in their room, or they have dietary restrictions. This should be your focus.

Estate settlement services can take care of the rest. One of the biggest challenges you’ll have is sorting out all the stuff, especially if you have a hoarder on your hands. Estate settlers can sort out your belongings to determine what to sell and what you may want to donate to charity. Once it’s all sorted out, these items can be sold on eBay and other platforms. Then, the money can be funneled into accounts set up for you.

Accountants help families with taxes and bank accounts. This way, you know where every dollar is going. Depending on the circumstances, estate settlers can also help you find a lawyer to settle other affairs. If you haven’t already done so, you can be at peace knowing affairs are in order now. Even when wills are written, they may not cover everything causing unwanted complications after death.

  Get the Most Out of Downsizing with Estate   Settlers

When you see a senior family member in need of help, your first thought may be to see a doctor. Then you can assess the next steps. Do they need to be in a nursing home or other assisted living facility? Can they do better living with family members? Can they stay at home with a nurse or even help from family members nearby? In this process, many seniors and their families end up downsizing. They don’t always know where to start or what to get rid of. They don’t have months to sort it all out. Things are happening now, and most of their belongings need to go.

Despite popular belief, this doesn’t just apply to hoarders or seniors who try to hold onto every last thing. The Gerontology Center at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, recently found just the opposite. In a survey of 22,000 participants, 30% of those over 70 had been actively giving away many belongings over the previous 12 months. More than half of those surveyed regardless of age group felt they had too much stuff.

For many people, it’s not a matter of not wanting to let go of things. They don’t know what to let go of, or they don’t know how to transport it all. Whatever your situation, focus on what’s important and let us take care of the rest. The Estate Settlers put your family’s minds at ease while decluttering homes. Then your senior family members can make the transitions that are right for them. To discuss estate settlement, downsizing, and more, click here.

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