The Estate Settlers

We work for you.

The Estate Settlers primary objective is to get you, our customer, the most value for your possessions.

We consult with you to determine which items have high, medium and low value. Then, together, we determine the places to sell them.

The auction houses that we work with have been chosen with great care and research. They have the finest reputation in this area. We specialize in fine arts, antiques, antique furniture, mid-century and modern furniture, modern art and furnishings.

If an auction is not the best route for you, we work with dealers that will buy outright, be it one piece or an entire household. They will give fair market value for antiques, art furniture, object d’art, china, etc.

We have a great presence on eBay, with an excellent rating. See our section about eBay.

We work with liquidators who will purchase those items that aren’t saleable through any of the above, but still have some small value.