The Estate Settlers

Honorable, honest, professional, compassionate, efficient and an excellent communicator.These are just some of the terms that I subscribe to The Estate Settlers spearheaded by Harvey Segal. I am my mother’s only surviving child, I live 3,000 miles away and I have not been well. At this time I needed to move my mother to a fine memory care facility, As you might imagine this represented a very stressful time for me.
Harvey used his best efforts to sell anything of value that belonged to my mother that I was not in need of. Sadly we were unable to realize a serious profit as their is little market value for cultured pearls and fine china. The upshot was that he was able to sell some of her gold chains and he proceeded to negate any further payments by me with the exception of my initial deposit. This is a true gentleman!
i cannot recommend Harvey Segal and The Estate Settlers enough. At the end of the process he sent me photos of my mother’s home. It was nothing short of pristine; all furniture was gone and the flooring was sparkling.
Whether your healthy or well choosing The Estate Settlers is the right move during these trying times of moving your parents from the only home they have known for years. Thank you Harvey for all the good work you do.

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