The Estate Settlers

We were so fortunate to have found Harvey when we needed to move our mother from Florida to Maryland. It was a daunting task to downsize, sell, and move our elderly mother to a new location and due to COVID we needed to make long distance arrangements.
Harvey was wonderful in helping us with this task. He had a solid plan and he spent a lot of time reviewing details of items to be sold, shipped or discarded. He took pictures of everything and was in constant communication regarding the infinite details of items to be sold or shipped. He made sure we were well informed and in agreement of the next steps.
When Harvey’s part of the process had been completed including leaving the beautiful apartment spotless and ready to sell, it sold within four days. We could not have done this without his careful planning and attention to detail. He surpassed our expectations and we can’t thank him enough.
After looking back at this challenging time with selling, moving, discarding, and relocating we could not have done this without Harvey. He showed a level of honesty and integrity, and he was genuinely interested in the best scenario for our elderly mother by providing recommendations, suggestions and answering all our questions and providing accurate information.
Harvey, you are our hero and we thank you and your team for doing a stellar job. This meant the world to us, you did an amazing job!

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